Mud Creek


Tuning: Standard
Time: 3/4

NB: Each chord represents a full measure of three beats. For the most authentic sound, D chords marked with a * should be played as a Dsus2 with a hammer-on to D via the sixth string, second fret.

Chord inventory

       D     G/B   Cadd9 Em7   G     A7sus


D*    D     D     G/B
Cadd9 Cadd9 Cadd9 Cadd9
(repeat 4x)

Intro refrain

Em7   G     D     Cadd9
Em7   G     D     Cadd9
Em7   G     D     A7sus
A7sus A7sus Cadd9

Verse 1

D*  D  G/B    Cadd9
Oh, I am laid bare
D*            D  G/B       Cadd9       G/B
I've given my heart to the cold winter air
D*         D     G/B    Cadd9   G/B
And for my investment I found a pair
Of shoes

D*    D     G/B    Cadd9
Here, here in this town
D*           D  G/B        Cadd9        G/B
A carnival house where the lost may be found
D*         D G/B   Cadd9  G/B
Over the river and just around
The bend


Em7   G           D   Cadd9
Seven gravestones on a hill
Em7   G       D          Cadd9
Willowbank, I stand there still
Em7  G         D        A7sus
Carrying those stones until
A7sus A7sus Cadd9
          I die

Verse 2

D*  D  G/B    Cadd9
Oh, dragon of jade
D*             D G/B    Cadd9          G/B
Here to destroy all the plans that we made
      D*               D   G/B      Cadd9      G/B
He’ll tear out your heart and he’ll make you afraid
Of me

D*    D   G/B   Cadd9
Here, we can lay down
    D*               D G/B      Cadd9          G/B
Our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground
D*               D   G/B    Cadd9     G/B
Once you have heard it, you won’t forget
The sound 

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