Hello, my name is Tom. I’m a software engineering leader who’s passionate about using technology to facilitate human interaction, not to replace it. Let's use technology to ease burdens, not to create them.

Last updated: September 2021

High-level Overview

  • I’m highly proficient in Ruby, Swift 5, and TypeScript
  • I’m familiar with C, Objective-C, C++, Go, Python, and Erlang
  • My toolbox includes Terraform, gRPC, GraphQL, REST, Rails, iOS, Android, and Node
  • My infrastructural experience includes Lambda, ECS, RDS, DynamoDB, and other HIPAA-eligible services
  • My leadership mentors include Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya and Kimber Lockhart.

Work Experience


Director of Engineering, April 2021—Present

I joined BlockFi seeking to broaden my experience as an engineering leader and explore the rapidly evolving forefront of financial technology. As a Director of Engineering, I'm currently involved in a variety of initiatives across our product development organization. Highlights of my scope of responsibilities include:

  • Designing and participating in recruitment and hiring activities for software engineers and engineering managers
  • Facilitating one-on-one development and mentorship sessions with engineering manager direct reports
  • Evolving the BlockFi's overall team structure to optimize for small, effective, heterogeneous product teams
  • Developing and documenting our sprint-level and quarter-level planning strategies
  • Mentoring and supporting engineering managers through challenging performance management conversations
  • Negotiating and coordinating contracts with third-party software vendors

* * *

One Medical

Senior Engineering Manager, January 2021—April 2021
Engineering Manager, March 2015—January 2021
Software Engineer, April 2013—March 2015

Upon joining One Medical as its first iOS engineer, my accomplishments included bringing the development of our iOS app in-house, building a new, standardized version of our REST API (still used today by our patient- and clinician-facing mobile and web applications), prototyping and releasing our Digital Dermatology program, and iterating on numerous mobile and cloud features in service of our patients’ and providers’ needs.

In 2015, I became one of One Medical’s first engineering managers. Since then I’ve built out our Proactive Care, Virtual Care, and Mobile teams consisting of 15+ iOS, Android, front-end web, and backend web engineers, several designers, and several PMs. Together, we brought our Android app in house, developed and released our Video Visits platform on iOS, Android, and Web, codified One Medical’s GraphQL API, and built a cross-platform secure messaging system used by hundreds of thousands of patients and providers every month. I’m well versed in effective performance management, and I’ve had the privilege of facilitating my team members’ growth along various levels of the individual contributor track, as well as making successful transitions from IC to manager.

* * *

Aptela / Vocalocity

Software Engineer, May 2009—April 2013
Computer Science Intern, May 2006—May 2009

I interned with Aptela during summer and winter breaks from 2006 to 2009, when I was hired as a full-time engineer. I initially worked on many supportive features, including a Salesforce connectivity gem for our back office support system. In 2011, Aptela was acquired by Vocalocity, and I stayed on for another year and a half, primarily working on building SIP soft-phones on Android and iOS in Java and Objective-C++.



Acadia University


I attended Acadia University for my undergraduate degree initially with the faculty of Computer Science. Midway through my four year program, I decided to invest time in the Theatre Studies program as well. Due to the eclectic mix of course work, I ended up needing a few more required credits when my four year program ended in 2009, so I took a few remote courses and finished my BA in 2012 with a final average GPA of 3.4.